Emergency-Services-in-Norwa I am writing this post regarding the norwalk city emergency services. Norwalk emergency services available 24*7. There are EMS norwalk hospital which provide paramedics and EMT services which is available whenever you need. The norwalk city emergency hospitals also available in Weston, Wilton and Westport. The best thing about the norwalk emergency services is whenever you will need these emergency services they will provide you as soon as possible.EMS services of the Norwalk Hospital are one of the top services in the region and the state. The ambulances of the Norwalk Hospital reach very quickly when you are in need of that. When you will make a call to the Norwalk hospital the ambulance will reach to you and paramedics and EMT will help you in the hospital. Emergency services of Norwalk Hospital work in bonding with Norwalk Police Department and Norwalk Fire Department.

There are more than 120 professional fire fighters in the Norwalk fire department, who are ready for any services 24/7 and 365. These firefighters are paid by the government. The fire stations are located throughout the city. The Norwalk Fire Department watches the operation of these fire stations. Deputy Chief is the commanding body of these fire stations. These fire stations are well equipped with all the facilities needed at the time of any emergency. More than 32 fighters are available on duty every time. Every year the Fire Department of Norwalk responds over 6000 emergency calls.