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Are Pokies Online a Popular Gaming Option?

Are Pokies Online a Popular Gaming Option?

As you know, Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, and there are many casinos there that would be the envy of any gambling venue here in the east coast.So, here is what we have to offer here, but before we get into the juicy stuff, here is what you should know about gambling laws in Connecticut. Also, remember that playing at casinos should only be for fun. If it starts to become a problem, then make sure that you seek help.

In Connecticut, we have the Foxwoods Casino and the Mohegan Sun.

The Foxwoods Resorts Casino is in the city of Ledyard. I did go to this place a couple of times before, and I had an awesome time. Actually, when I went with my friends, I played roulette and blackjack, and I made a little bit of money because I was lucky with the cards I got. Being the silly man I am, I then wasted my chips at the baccarat table, and completed the night with a whooping loss of $123 at the slots. Overall it was a good night because I had a lot of fun, and unlike casinos in Vegas, it was a low key experience where the noise of the machines don’t get in the way of the experience.

Now, the Mohegun Sun was a completely different story. This was a bad experience for me. It started when I met a bunch of loud and annoying New Zealand tourists that were completely annoying the croupiers at the poker table. They were loud (I said that already???) and they were evidently really proud of their ways.

My idea of a New Zealand person came from the cocodrile dundee movies. In that movie, the New Zealand character was extremely down to earth and very polite. This turned out not to be the case at all when I met New Zealand in real life!

One thing that I recall is that they continued saying that slots are not actually slots, but pokies. Clearly, down under, this is the thing that individuals call them. What’s more, it appears as though they are extremely popular, not just in gambling clubs and bars all over their urban areas and towns, yet in addition on the web, where players better casino bonuses.

All in all, CT is not the place where you would go to have a crazy night and a story to tell your grandkids. But, I will say that if you do want to have an enjoyable casino experience, then there is no need to travel to another state or even to New Zealand. Stay here and have a Connecticut experience, would be my opinion.