Legal Medical Marijuana – A Review in 2014

Two years earlier Connecticut senate legalized the use of Marijuana for medical purposes. But 2 years have passed after this legalization but this is not able to take place in reality. This is still only on the papers.  Still it’s not available in the market for medical purposes. There are many hurdles coming in the way of the dealers which are affecting them to sell this in the market.

The first hurdle is licensing. Many applicants apply for a license to run a dispensary. It takes too much formality to get the licenses. Many people’s applications are rejected. The person who got the license, after getting the license find themselves in even more bureaucratic issues. That problem has to do with zoning.Legal-Medical-Marijuana-rev

Many licensed persons are waiting for the pass from the municipality for over a year.  And after passing of that year the zoning rules are reviewed.  You can think that from a span of over 2 years only 6 dispensaries and 4 manufacturers are licensed. There is a lady named Karen Barski who had a dispensary license but their proposed location is denied by the zoning board.  This is just a name there are many other persons like her are here who have the license but their proposed location is either under consideration or denied by the zoning board.

There are 21 states in and Columbia district which passed the law regarding permitting Marijuana for medical purposes, but Connecticut is the only state where an online pharmacist is mandatory. When you will compare in terms of applying law regarding the use of Marijuana for medical purposes it will come somewhere in the middle not as  well as Washington and Colorado where people over 21 are legalized to buy marijuana for common conditions also.

Before the opening of a first dispensary in Connecticut there are more than 2000 patients certified by doctors for their eligibility of using Medical Marijuana. Now you can imagine that how many needed patients are far from their medicine by these legal restrictions. Government has to understand the problems of these patients and make its availability easier for them. The Senate passed the law 2 years earlier but some restrictions make it still out of reach from the needy patients. These problems have to be cleared so it will be easily available for them.