Emergency Services in Norwalk

I am writing this post regarding the norwalk city emergency services. Norwalk emergency services available 24*7. There are EMS norwalk hospital which provide paramedics and EMT services which is available whenever you need. The norwalk city emergency hospitals also available in Weston, Wilton and Westport. The best thing about the norwalk emergency services is whenever you will need these emergency […]

Unemployment Rate of Connecticut Falls to 6.4%

According to the reports of Fairfield County the Connecticut unemployment rate falls to 6.4%. This is the lowest rate in the span of six years. This is declared by the situation report on Labor by Department of labor of Connecticut. The unemployment rate is going to be steady. It is 6.6% in august, 6.4% for September now it is 6.4% […]

Legal Medical Marijuana – A Review in 2014

Two years earlier Connecticut senate legalized the use of Marijuana for medical purposes. But 2 years have passed after this legalization but this is not able to take place in reality. This is still only on the papers.  Still it’s not available in the market for medical purposes. There are many hurdles coming in the way of the dealers which are affecting them […]

Most Famous Baseball Team of Norwalk

Baseball is one the most popular game of norwalk city. And this is the reason that’s why Norwalk city is also known for having the most number of the baseball teams in California. These team members are divided into two division junior and senior division. American Legion post 12 is one of the most famous norwalk baseball team.. This team […]

Education Facilities in Norwalk

There are lots of educational institutions in Norwalk. Many of them are preschools, high schools, elementary schools, middle schools, private schools, public schools etc. Near about 150 schools are here by the count. Some of them are very good schools. The schools like Norwalk High School, Cranbury Elementary School, Wolfpit School, Jefferson Magnet School, Naramake Elementary school, Roton Middle School, […]